Hey, everyone!  Everyone!  I can pull my hair back into a ponytail!  A very short ponytail, to be sure, with several unintentional wisps around my face, but it is happening – my hair is getting long again!

I have a contingent of friends who tell Shon (not me – they tell SHON) that they want me to grow my hair out.  And then, of course, Shon tells me.  “This person said this, this person said that.” Well, every time I hear that, I am so tempted to run right out and chop all of my hair off again.  I have resisted this rebellious impulse, however, and now I can get my hair out of my face.  So I’ve got that going for me.  And I am still daydreaming about braids and twists and buns.  Pretty soon.


Yesterday I was so excited to learn that The Swell Season are coming to Buffalo this summer!  I need to get me a ticket, maybe next week.  I just love it when good concerts are so near my house.  And that will be a good concert.

And it reminds me that I still have to get my music off of Shon’s computer.  I have The Swell Season’s album, but I’ve been craving the Frames, and the Once soundtrack.  And the Black Keys.  And Girl in a Coma.  Hmmm, maybe this weekend.


I am REALLY EXCITED about the Artists and Models party tomorrow night – Buffalo has such an awesome art scene.  I’ve been on the fringes of it for years, in different areas and capacities, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.  The Artists and Models party didn’t happen last year, and I missed it so. 

Outfits.  Art.  Events.  Drinks.  I’m all over it.


Wow.  What a frivolous little entry.


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