Random snippets of dreams I've had

Yes, I keep dream journals - here are some snippets for your pleasure:

"On the basement floor, there was a big window. Through it, we saw this huge robot. Antique furniture would come down a chute near the elevator, and the robot would put the furniture away into storage. I saw this huge, gorgeous old dresser come down the chute and hit the ground really hard. The whole frame of the thing jerked all around, and I thought it would break. But the robot picked it up and put it away. I said, 'That robot could be dangerous.'"

"A friend of mine was cashing winning lotto tickets, but it wasn't numbers, it was fruit. This girl won, but my friend didn't know the combination of fruit, so she gave the woman a bra and a pair of pants."

"I saw four crows pecking at a seagull, trying to kill it. I thought that the killer might be disguised as the seagull - I saw a flash of a young girl's face in profile, with black hair, all imprinted on the seagull. I started kicking the seagull, and it started running at my legs, attacking me."

"One guy had several babies with him, he told me to watch myself around them because they were dangerous. I picked one up - she had serpent eyes and long, blood-red vampire teeth. Suddenly she turned into a large dog, and she started attacking me. I kept back-handing her, kicking her, and she kept hiding. She started changing from a dog to a grown woman. I was still beating on her... Then the evil girl and I were friends, and when she was in dog form, I was teaching her to go for the throat and the eyes."

"She came along on roller blades, and I wouldn't let her by. She was yelling, 'DEFENSE! DEFENSE!'"

"I just missed him on the way down, so I jumped again, and while I was in the air, I was trying to figure out how to fight a cat who was taller than me sitting down. But when I landed, he was sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, going toward town, looking furious."

"A four-year-old in a big bunny suit was solemnly picking up haphazardly colored eggs off of the ground. There was no one else around, so I started pointing out where eggs were. They were tiny, like robin eggs."

"I accidentally kicked over our set of bleachers, and Buffy (who had been giggling and yelling, 'I'm the Slayer! I'm the Slayer!') decided that she needed to fix it. But I just kicked the bleachers off of the ground - no one fell off of the bleachers."

"I think I asked if he was leaving, and he asked what I would do about it. I was a She-Ra type, so I picked him up and slammed him against the nearest wall. He was surprised but pleased. Then we started mock-fighting, throwing each other around, and in the process we both managed to lose our clothing."

"Rebecca had the Sight, and she could see important symbols on some things. When she got to their apartment door, she saw a vision of herself, radiant with jewels and a crown. A voice said to me, 'When women like her see themselves like that, it always comes to be.'"

"Someone said I smelled like burnt food."

"Snape had been sleeping with all of the women in his massive apartment complex, and it was like he was enchanting them or drugging them - they weren't doing it of their own free will."

"I had been set up on a blind date, and me and my date were surprised to find that we were both women (neither of us lesbians). But we decided to go to dinner anyway - and for some reason I was paying. My 'date' was tall, big but not fat, really pretty with long, brown hair, a red satin dress. She looked really high-maintenance."

"The army people arrived, and I took the opportunity to sneak off to another building, where I broke into the vending machine and started eating brownies shaped like Spongebob Squarepants."

"We went into one room where all of these tough women were beating each other up - I guess they were 'bonding.' One especially tough woman kept eyeing me, and I wanted to beat her up, but I didn't know if it was kosher or not."

...Wow, I have a lot of dreams recorded. Perhaps I'll continue this at another time.


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