Things are heating up

Things are heating up!

Well, OK, it's raining today, BUT awesome summer plans are solidifying. Artists and Models is coming up! Rufus Wainwright is going to be performing at Rockin’ at the Knox! Crowded House is going to be at Buffalo Rocks the Harbor! And then there’s the thought of all of the birthdays this summer (my mom is going to be turning 60 in August, holy crap!).


So. My car passed inspection last week, and then I enjoyed some vacation time with my family. The weather didn’t cooperate fully, so it was mostly a time for indoor activities. Like killing zombies.

OK, I am obsessed with Left 4 Dead. And Left 4 Dead 2. Sometimes I’ll be doing something totally unrelated to zombies, and the music for the Tank will pop into my head (and I actually do look around for a Tank, just in case the music popping into my head is portentous).

Or I’ll decide that I need to imitate the Witch sobbing, but I can’t do it as well as Owen does.

(When I searched for images of the Witch, I found more than one picture in which Zoey was kissing the Witch. That’s kind of funny, actually.)

The other day, I was heading toward a training class located in a cinderblock building, and I was suddenly thinking about the elevator shaft in the “No Mercy” campaign.

And then there's my crush on Nick from Left 4 Dead 2.

(His white suit wouldn't be so dirty if he weren't fighting zombies.  He'd probably still have a 5-o'clock shadow all the time, though.)


I think I’m teething. If I remember correctly, I have one wisdom tooth that hasn’t emerged all the way, and I think it’s going for it now. There’s been a little bit of blood (nothing like the mouthfuls of blood I’d have in high school when the other three teeth came out – EW), a little bit of rawness in the gum. I thought I was a little long in the tooth for teething (you see what I did there?), but apparently wisdom teeth can pop out any old time.

Yeah, I need to visit the dentist. So that’s what’s going on with me.


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