I have been having really messed up, stressful, crazy-making dreams lately. I don't know if it's because work is getting busier, or if there is a bed spring poking me in a weird place, or what. But I would like more restful dreams, please!

In one dream, I was moving into a dorm room at my old college, and I was about to start studying for my law degree (DO NOT WANT). And, of course, I had somehow missed half a semester and felt at times that I had actually never gotten my admittance letter, so was I supposed to be there at all? That was nice and stressful.

In another dream, I was watching as a shadowy-powerful evil guy had a ton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer clones killed so that he could find Buffy's weaknesses. All of the deaths were pretty horrific, but the one I remember most involved a Buffy clone having a nightmare; she bolted upright when she woke up, and then when she laid back down, a yelling guy came out and buried a knife in her chest.

This morning I had another "Holy shit, I'm in college again and I don't like it" dream, followed by a dream in which I made out with this guy:

Saw whaaaaaaat?

That is Nick Searcy, a well-respected character actor. And actually, that dream wasn't stressful at all. He was a good kisser.


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