What I wouldn't give for a place to hang a hammock, and the time to relax in the hammock. It sounds so magical... but I live in a house with no backyard, and our trees in the front are right on the street (nothing like hearing someone speed by in their car for relaxation). Also, I'm pretty certain that I would not get left alone by all of the random people who walk up and down my street if I were in a hammock, out in plain view. Just sitting on the porch, I feel like I'm some sort of zoo animal, there to be stared at. Not because I'm SO BEAUTIFUL, but because a lot of people walk up and down my street, and they all have staring problems. I have a hard time relaxing when I can feel eyes on me.

But I would so love to have a hammock right now...

I had a lovely long weekend, full of sun and heat and thunderstorms and nieces and nephews running around like crazy. Also, a ton of gaming, to get out my natural aggressions (Resident Evil 5 is quite good).

Western New York has had a ton of rainfall this spring, and it was reflected in the length and thickness of the greenery in mom's backyard. (Before you ask, no, she does not have the proper tree set-up for a hammock.) Even though I grew up mowing a huge lawn and HATED IT SO MUCH, OH MY GOD, I started to get excited about mowing. It has been years since I used a lawnmower, and I kind of missed it. I wanted to mow so badly! Since it was so sunny on Sunday, I ran right outside and mowed. The lawnmower kept jamming up and stalling because of the mixture of mud and unbelievably thick grass, and I was hot and sweaty, and I had to stop at one point to save a toad. And I loved it. I especially loved when I ran over some mint and some wild leeks - it smelled like a fancy dinner out there.

ROY! the dog was outside for some of it, but he kept acting like the lawnmower was a toy, one that he had to rush and bark at, so he went back inside.

Oh, I also read and enjoyed Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" - not while mowing the lawn, but throughout the weekend, when I could sneak some reading in. I did, in fact, laugh out loud several times. And then I killed some zombies and monsters.

I got a little walk in with Owen - of course, I could have gone on for another mile or two, but he's 5, and his legs got so tired... he made a good effort though, and I like how into walking he is.

I also walked Floyd a little bit, mostly in the backyard. Otherwise, he spent the weekend laying around and staring at the dog.

All in all, a lovely (hot, sweaty) long weekend. And I have a short week of work, a Jimmy Eat World concert tomorrow ("Sweetness" was THE song of my 23rd year), and the Greek Festival and Gay Pride this weekend!

It is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow.


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