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I have a fondness, a weakness for sad, beautiful "horror" movies. It started with the gorgeous and exceedingly strange "Neither The Sand Nor The Sea," also known as "The Exorcism of Hugh."


The film tells the story of an unhappy wife who runs away from her marriage and falls in love with a stranger, only to have him die suddenly... but death is not the end of their love (WHOA). The film isn't terribly scary, but it is atmospheric and haunting. I watched this several years ago, and I think about it often.

And then there is "The Orphanage," which did scare me quite a bit, even though I watched it in a bright, sunny room, last fall. 

creepy, yes?

It had its scares, and it had its mysteries, all set in a gorgeous old, huge house. But then the ending came at me out of nowhere, and I found myself sobbing openly. Such a good film. And, of course, they're remaking it, American-style.

Tonight I watched "The Eclipse," which is another astonishingly beautiful, sad "horror" film, a sort of ghost story. Ciaran Hinds plays a widower who suddenly starts experiencing very strange goings-on.

strange goings-on
These odd occurrences start happening just as he meets a woman who writes about ghosts, played by Iben Hjejle.
more strange goings-on

There are hauntings, and there are scares, but there are also strong human interactions, and it is these interactions that make the movie for me. Also, I adore Ciaran Hinds. And it is all filmed in a beautiful seaside Irish town.

I highly recommend it.


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