the car

See the last post for cruise observations and photos.

And my car? Well, right before the cruise a fuse went out, which sounds like no big whoop. Except that the fuse was for the tail lights and the lights in the car behind the dash. I had to have my interior lights on so that I could see the speedometer, and my hazards flashing so that other cars could see me at night. And yes, I know how to change a fuse, and I had the fuses I needed on hand. But my car has three fuse boxes, and two of them are in the engine compartment, under the steel braces on either side. The fuse box I needed was under the most rusty brace. WHAT THE FUCK, CHEVROLET? Why did you put so many things I need to get to under heavy, hard-to-remove steel braces?

I kept spraying the bolts on the brace down with WD-40 whenever I thought about it, but the tools I tried to use were slipping and not moving the bolts at all. I was like, "Fuck it, I'm going cruisin'," so I went on the cruise. When I came back, I bought an adjustable ratchet wrench and packed it up with all of my Thanksgiving stuff, and then I set off for Familyland.

When I got to my mom's, my brother saw my ratchet wrench and was stroking it and insisting it was his. The next day (Thanksgiving), he asked if I wanted him to change the fuse. I was about to start cooking things up, so I was like, Cool, whatever. The ratchet wrench was awesome, and Mark had the brace off in no time. He came in to show me how the fuse hadn't blown so much as disintegrated. I replaced the fuse, and SUCCESS! I now have working tail lights, and a Christmas gift idea for Mark, who was so enchanted with my ratchet wrench.


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