"In the air, there's the feeling of OMIGOD, WHERE'S THE SNOW?!?"

Yeah, guess what? Buffalo is GREEN right now. And kind of warm - yesterday I was replacing the light bulb in one of my car's headlights, and I was wearing a thin cardigan, and I was totally fine. I joked on Twitter about being a "total bad-ass" because I was listening to holiday music when there wasn't snow on the ground.

At the house, there are two trees (my tiny one in the family room, and a real one in the living room), and twinkle lights all over, but the glow doesn't feel right when it's not being thrown back at us by the snow outside. I watched "Love Actually" last night, despite the lack of snow - I'm so brave.

And a snowplow woke me up at 5 AM... what the hell were they doing out there, with no snow to be plowed at all?


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