If you tweet, check out THIS hilarious sites, which mashes your tweets into new tweets. Funny as hell.

Here are some examples from my Twitter feed:

I could find myself a dance AND HAPPY RIGHT NOW. A coworker says, I am already thinking about the one!

You could find ways to interact with about my ear. People appear to board a bad-ass.

I can't get Tom Waits to put one wins the Santa Ana winds if I contemplate the author S.L.

You don't want to reintroduce Kenny G to work. Your ruling planet Mercury is making a meeting today?

Health to drink. You might be so distracted by a little door on the new mouse for sure.

Yeah... but you have thoughts! Beautiful morning. Good day where I have to take pictures Why are already!

On my car some crafts! THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED! Leslie Hall's new features for Gemini Um.

Um... why do fake people! I pay more. This is opening up strange messages from trying to Kill last

A cupcake is funny as hell that some tattoo knowledge on the trailer. Unraveling your mom on the Roots on.

New trend? I love song about whether I won't SHUT UP! She's talking to handle an unusual person to...

You might get in until fucking funny if you to the better than you want to think so.

You don't blow it... You may sound very clear about whether I can achieve perfectly crispy 80s Madonna!

The Moon's return to be a song about whether I like the mountain of my way to a piano virtuoso, with?

Happy to herself... Intimate interactions with no blame... seriously? You might want to the sexism being?

Hey, it's pretty awesome. Happy to interact with crazy sexists anyway... 

I don't know trends. I watched Born to Miami to be required to do with others are asked. LOVELY.

Can I just like a Cage over this weekend. Brilliance. ...accidentally" kissed him on the bush now!

Health to work. You may not say knock-knock" instead of burrito. No, no, no! I'm tired.

My hips hurt. Don't get to think straight today, drawing you to the Nerds.

I contemplate the inevitable zombie apocalypse. In related news, the world of lazy people leaving.

You can slam every little bit unsettling when Fox News spouts. I haven't eaten my work...

One of actually have a cruise ship. You don't get donuts on my followers, be more flexible than others.

New planking? Having the dumb shit. The next time dealing with the author S.L.

Ugh. My sister. You Lightning I am a professional complaint letter. Instead of the culturals!

It's difficult to Miami to withdraw socially to... More for Gemini Dear newest Jane Eyre again - Well, we?

I was arguing with about for Gemini My mom is completely awful. My mom - watch and act like a significant?

You're determined to jiggle. I love song I can't wait to take you actually think she was arguing with a.

People appear to block your romantic feelings may not think I looked back, it kind of tasks you!

Wow, I would be a ballet store. SO Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want? WHATCHA WANT? The Chainsaw.

Um... why they gave away from American Gothic one time. New York State? My hips hurt.

A cupcake is still in order to go home yet? My mom - a new mouse for the time.

Sometimes you want to the little door on Facebook who is all the thought the future, instead of tasks you.

The next time to do with crazy sexists anyway... Guy I call my way to type like beards on the inevitable?

Yeah, I never know better now that I DON'T want to do vehicles keep throwing their weapons away?!?

The Walking Dead season 2. YES. THE MIGHTY OENIS You might want to alter the Moon'...

More for Gemini Fassbender wormhole on the cosmos!

OK - I'm addicted to adult up in beating around and I retweet too much - Wow.

It's fucking JANUARY. Guess I'll regret eating it. But I don't want to think straight today, drawing you.

Your buzz factor is in until fucking JANUARY. Guess I'll see Steve Guttenberg!


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