Honey is no joke.

Honey will fuck you up. This is important for you to know, if you didn't already, so I'm sharing my stupidity with you:

Owen wanted honey for his chicken fingers on Saturday night, and we had just bought a new bottle of honey. But mom had a little bit of half-crystallized honey left over in a plastic container, so I put it in the microwave - I was going for 10 seconds, but actually hit 40 seconds with my fat fingers. And I thought, it's fine, I'm right here, I'll turn it off after a few seconds.
And, of course, I got distracted...
...and the honey started making weird noises...
and it exploded right when I opened the door, all over me. Now I have nasty looking welts and blisters all over my left arm.

Mom picked on me for screaming and not being able to handle honey correctly, so as soon as the spots started bubbling up into blisters, I shoved my arm right in her face to gross her out.

And we all learned an important lesson.

Honey is no joke.

(P.S. I'm fine - the spots don't hurt much, they're just nasty-looking. I'm actually just happy that my face isn't covered with nasty welts too, since it also got a bunch of molten honey splattered on it.)


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