MCA and the Avengers

I was at work on Friday when my friend Ami told me that Adam Yauch (MCA from the Beastie Boys) had died. Like so many people I know, I have followed and loved the Beastie Boys for years and years, and MCA was my favorite. His death was and is such a blow.

I have long enjoyed the fact that the Beasties grew to be so politically conscious, when they really could have skated on their early hip-hop/frat boy vibe for as long as they wanted. I'm still so, so sad that he's gone too soon, but I love reading about the good work that Mr. Yauch did while he was here. I love that so many people are so quick to point out not just what MCA and the Beastie Boys did for music, but what they've done for the world. For instance, here is Jessica Valenti on MCA's feminist legacy.


On to another area: I saw the Avengers on Sunday, and OMIGOD! Yes, I have faith - always, always, always - in Joss Whedon, and yes, I knew that I would love it. I loved it so much that I wanted to rewatch it immediately, and that rarely happens.

The Avengers had the biggest opening weekend ever, and Joss Whedon wrote a funny and adorable letter to his long-time fans.

And, to keep up with the feminism in pop culture theme I seem to have going, some amazing stranger on the internet created THIS picture, in which all of the Avengers are posed the way that the only female Avenger is posed in the movie poster.


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