Reading Parties for All

Well, I finally gave my mom her Mothers Day present last weekend, so I guess I can tell you what it is now. I got her the X-Files Special Edition boxed set! Nicky and I went in on it together. Yeah, it had all 9 seasons and the first movie, and an extensive episode guide, and a bunch of other things - like a poster. I think mom said that she'd hang the poster in her room. Maybe right next to her Avengers poster!

I'm going back down this weekend for Memorial Day. A nice three-day weekend, so I'm taking Floyd, and we both plan on relaxing heavily. It'll be the usual, sleeping in and video games, and kids running all over. Deviled eggs, hot dogs, some strange-colored wine coolers. I'm tempted to try this slow cooker pork idea that my friend posted, probably just the sandwiches.

I told my mom that I would also like to have a reading party. I have been running around every night this week, and I haven't had the reading time that I like to have, to get me all calm and centered and whatever after a crazy day at work.

And work is getting crazier, as it does every year in the spring and early summer. My boss seemed concerned that I wasn't taking time off while I still can, but I want to wait until my mom gets her second hip done. It was supposed to happen in May, but the surgeon isn't doing "that kind of surgery" this month. So then my mom called about June dates, and it seemed to her that the scheduler forgot to schedule her. I have no idea when her surgery will happen at this point... I will take time off when I do, and until then, I'll keep myself sane with lots of reading and lots of sleep. And porch beers.


A Fuss said…
Why? Do you have to be in the right mood to do hip surgery? What a jerk! You should totally try the sandwiches, they're yum. Or if you like, you can come over and have them at my house!
Sarah Pierce said…
I would LOVE to come to your house for pulled pork sandwiches!!

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