and check it twice

My Twittascope for tomorrow:
"Others may be quite certain that you are lost in space today -- and they might be right. But it's probably more correct to say that you are detoured, for you really do know where you are and where you are going. You're not, however, aware of how you're going to get there. Don't pay too much heed of anyone who judges you too harshly now. Let your wounds heal on their own schedule. You'll still have time to reach your destination."

I don't really believe in astrology, but sometimes my horoscope is so spot on that I can't ignore it as much as I usually do.

I'm sitting in the living room on another sunny Sunday afternoon, my friend's dog Lenny curled up right on my side, even though it's a bit too warm for that, in my opinion. Floyd is across the room, getting his hair all over the corner chair (good thing it's a brown print) and enjoying his usual late-afternoon sunbeam.

I have really enjoyed the mercurial weather we've had this weekend. Yesterday, in an instant, it started raining so heavily and blowing so mightily that I had to close all of the westward windows, the ones which usually don't require closing in the rain because the wind never blows in that direction. The storm was intense and monsoon-like, and was over just as quickly as it had begun. Then there was sprinkling, with a watery sun shining through. So lovely.

Today the sun has come and gone too many times to count. Now it feels strong and warm on my feet.

Now that I have resigned myself to lean times, at least for a while, I want to buy everything I see on Etsy. Most of my wants skew toward jewelry - cabochon rings, large and interesting necklaces, delicate bracelets and earrings. I'm also having my usual journal love, and that is a love that I just might have to indulge in soon.

I keep thinking of new things I want to do during my time off - learn more about photography, go swimming, change around and paint my bedroom. I need to make a list.


Julia said…
I so love your writing! Your whole passage about the "mercurial weather" was wonderful. You are a copyeditor's dream--great writing that wouldn't require any heavy editing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I want to edit your first novel! ;o)
Literary Auntie said…
A-thank you, A-thank you. What were you doing up at 5 in the morning?!?

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