It's a really beautiful day, and I should be outdoors. Later I'll venture out for the Taste of Buffalo, but for now I'm content to cuddle with my cat and listen to the wind in the trees outside. The street is so quiet today.

Lately I've rediscovered our living room. I know that sounds odd, but the house I live in is so big, and lately, if I'm not at work or out doing something with friends, I've been hanging out in the family room on the third floor (it has a huge TV), or in my bedroom, which is big enough to have its own little sitting area. The dining room and living room are often ignored, especially when it's darker outside, in the winter or early spring. The lamps in both rooms, though beautiful, are rather dim.

I made it a point last winter to use the dining room every day when I got home from work. I would work until 4, and then I would spend an hour or two in the dining room, reading and writing in my journal. Now I'm doing the same things in the living room, which is full of natural light in the summer, and occasionally has a nice breeze coming through as well.

Floyd would come and hang out with me in the dining room, but he prefers the living room. Instead of laying in one of the dining room chairs, or sprawled out on the rug in a rare patch of winter sunlight, he can lounge gracefully on the back of the large-cushioned chair in the corner of the living room, between two windows. Or he can curl up on my feet, as he's doing now, while I'm curled up myself on the sofa, my laptop balanced on my leg.

Even with the thought of impending laundry, I'm pretty relaxed right now. It's lovely.


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