Away from people

My hair is super-soft right now. And really shaggy. I wish I had the money to get regular haircuts, or the skill to do it myself without resorting to some sort of bowl cut. We all know that those don't work.

There are a few things not working right now. Most of them are work-related. I'm so underpaid, and I just found out that a new worker, who started three months ago, has gotten a raise and is now making more than me. I have been here a year, but I don't feel comfortable asking for a raise because I spent the spring getting yelled at unfairly. Meanwhile, there will be a change in leadership soon, and I'm not entirely convinced that anything will get better. In fact, everything might get a whole lot worse. My dreams of a quiet summer have swooped out the window, leaving me with my usual combination of anxiety and anger and helplessness. Because, seriously?!? Am I ever going to find a job where I fit, where they don't treat me like crap and expect me to work myself to death for barely more than minimum wage? I don't even ask for much, though you'd think I was asking for the moon, because I don't think that backstabbing and oversharing and underhanded tactics are all that professional.

I got away from all of this for a long weekend. I went down to my mom's, and we had a family picnic for July 4th (we are so original). Because my sister and her fiance were working nights all weekend, mom and I ended up with all three of Nicky's kids. Owen was a little terror all weekend, but he sweetened up yesterday so that I'd miss him when I left. Still, though I love my nieces and nephews dearly, I was happy to leave them behind.

I'm starting to enter another one of my introspective, misanthropic periods. All I want to do is read and write and ignore the real people around me. Of course, it isn't completely possible, but I'll try my best to stick to myself for the next few nights. I predict that I'll be ready for company around Thursday, which will work out great, because I'm having a movie night with some friends.

The Taste of Buffalo is this weekend, but I'm going to try and have some time to myself when I'm not gorging on yummy food with all of the suburbanites, and their slow-moving pack ways, and their huge strollers, which they love to park diagonally, right in front of the booths, so that no one else can get by!

Yeah. I need to stay away from people for the next few days.


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