I know, two entries in two days. It’s like I’m some sort of crazy typing fool.

I forgot to mention my favorite part of the weekend. While we were picnicking on the 4th, I had my book, and my nephew Izaak had his. And we both laid out on towels and read in the sun, all of the other kids wandering around us and sitting down with us before getting up to wander around again, like sharks. Precious, chubby little sharks.

I’m so glad that Izaak is turning into a reader; his grandmother says that he reads a lot now. He’s been so like me since he was born, I was a bit surprised that he didn’t seem to be reading much, but here he comes!! Reading just like his aunt Sarah. Of course, he is a lot more physically active than I was at 9, what with his lacrosse and such, so I think he’ll be pretty well-rounded.

I had SPF 50 on, as always, but my back burned pretty badly while we were reading. It’s crackling now, the part I can’t reach with lotion. I told a friend yesterday that it feels like my back was crimped like bad 80’s hair. And now it’s crackling like roast pig. Lovely imagery, yes? It’s even more apt because I’m sure the skin back there is pink-brown and looks like roast pig.

Why has no one perfected a spray lotion that sinks right in, for hard-to-reach places?

Is that my goal in life?


A Fuss said…
I think you just found the next step on your destiny path.

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