ants in ma pants

I just got really, really excited, for no reason that I can think of. It feels like something tickly and prickly and wonderful is flying around in my gut. Now I want to run around like a maniac. I want to sing in the faces of strangers (but that would probably be rude). Like, I want to dance like no one’s watching!

But seriously, I do feel like doing something daring. Not to be a total dork – too late! – but I wonder if this is how Harry felt when he took the Felix Felicis potion.

I’ve felt like writing a lot lately. It doesn’t even matter whether I have anything to say or not (and that’s a completely subjective judgment anyway); I just want to type away, write away. At times like these, my paper journal becomes full of descriptions of awesome boots I’ve seen, and cute kids, and random birds, and the way the leaves rustle in the Buffalo wind.

This morning I was thinking about skin toner, and how much I enjoy using it. I used witch hazel for a while, recently, and I found it rather ineffective. I want to feel the toner doing some work, making my skin cool down or maybe even sting a tiny bit… I like the pain. The toner I’m using now is nice, though I haven’t found it to alleviate the greasiness of my skin. The best toner I ever used was from Clinique, for oily/combination skin. My pores were teeny-tiny when I used that stuff, and though it wasn’t painful, it did sting a bit. I could feel it working.

I’ve been sleeping pretty horribly lately. I don’t know what the deal is. A few weeks ago, I went to bed at a reasonable time, and I was really, really tired. In fact, I fell right to sleep… and then woke up half an hour later. For the next three hours, I had random itches all over my body. I’m not talking about little annoying itches you can ignore after a while. I’m talking about strong itches, massive itches, itches where I had to move to scratch. There was no question of ignoring the itch. And of course an itch would come just as I was drifting off, on my head, on my foot, on my back where I couldn’t reach. SO AWFUL!


Last night I told Shon about my job situation. He is both my landlord and my roommate, and he is well within his rights to be all, “But what about the rent?” To his credit, the first thing he said was, “Well, now you can write a novel.” Followed by, “I hope you don’t get a job right away, so you can have some time off.” Love him.


A Fuss said…
A) Yes you are a dork. I'm sure that's exactly how Harry felt. B) I too have been having itches at inopportune times! Weird. C) Wait, you're on twitter?
A Fuss said…
I'm not on Twitter though I'm beginning to feel the same way as when I was on myspace and everyone else was on facebook. Ugh. I don't feel like I update my status enough to rationalize Twitter usage.

And my word verification was soctumm, which I looked at really fast and thought it said scrotum. So, yeah, I'm really tired today.

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