I got the music in me

It seems like I’ve been to a lot of concerts lately, and it all started with an article I read that said that spending money on one-time events or experiences, like concerts, rather than on material goods, like clothing, will make you happier for a longer period of time. I read that article and said, “YES!” Then, quite luckily, I got to go see Morrissey.

Then I got some Wilco tickets, and I went to the show last night with my friend Julia. We had lawn seats, but they could be more appropriately called “hill seats,” because the “lawn” was quite steep. The concert was at ArtPark, which I’ve never been to, and they had sort of a cool set-up. The stage and seats were in a building, and the entire back of the building lifted up on some sort of pulley system, so that those of us sitting on the hill could see right inside. Half-indoor, half-outdoor.

Julia and I were stretched out on a comfy blanket, looking at clouds and people and watching birds swoop all over. There was a big strut on the back of the building which limited my view of the stage, but I didn’t care, as long as I could hear the music. I had a lot of fun people-watching.

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band were the opening act, and they were amazing. I love Conor Oberst’s voice, I always have, and he was obviously having a lot of fun joking with the crowd. I really like his Bright Eyes, stuff, but I’m also heavily enjoying this country-tinged music.

Then Wilco came on, and they were incredible. Their music, their banter – they are obviously experienced at playing live, and they obviously enjoyed it. I’ve been studying up on Wilco since I got the tickets, and I didn’t know every song, but I knew a lot of them. SUCH a good time, though Julia and I skipped the second encore.

Coming up I have Neko Case this week at Thursday at the Square (for free, oh my God), and then Chris Isaak at ArtPark (again, free, oh my God). And then the Decemberists at UB! I don’t really need to study for any of these shows, but of course I will.


A Fuss said…
Do you know about Rufus Wainright's new opera? Am I the last to know -- I am of course unfamiliar with all things musical.
Literary Auntie said…
If I knew, I forgot.
We should get together for coffee soon!

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