Shoes and Sadness

There was a time when all of my shoes were comfy shoes, and dressing up was hard to do from the ankle down. In the past five years, while “curating” my own personal shoe collection, I’ve seen the situation flip-flop (no pun intended). Most of my shoes are stylish and slightly uncomfortable, or more than slightly. Meanwhile, most of my comfortable shoes have fallen apart completely, without being replaced.

It was a sad day indeed when I noticed this. Though I pay more attention now to the effect of the entire outfit, shoes included, I still want to be comfy! So imagine my delight when I got an e-mail from J.Jill stating that their in-season shoes were now 40% off! I promptly bought these in lilac and pewter, for the astounding price of $14.99 each.

For J.Jill, a very good deal. I’ve never bought J.Jill shoes before, but I have some J.Jill clothing (also bought on super-sale) which has lasted forever. I have the same hopes for these lovely, simple, stylish sandals.


Oh, and bad news inserts itself into my shoe whimsy. My sister has a dog, Herbie, who was constantly trying to get outside. On Saturday, he was running for an open door, and my nephew Owen tried to shut it before Herbie could get outside. He accidentally shut the door on Herbie, apparently a lot harder than a 3-year-old should be able to shut a door. Poor Herbie’s back was hurt, and he couldn’t use his back legs. My mom told me all of this while babysitting both Herbie and Owen yesterday, but according to her, Herbie was still moving around quite a bit, albeit without his back legs. Nicky and Billy were calling vets, trying to see what could be done.

Apparently Herbie took a turn for the worse, and he was put to sleep this morning. Poor puppy.


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