Weekend of yap and other things

I am in the weirdest limbo at work. I was "let go" over a week ago, but here I sit, finishing up the few tasks I have. And after today, I'll have four more days of this weird limbo, with more coworkers around. Huh.

Obviously I'm over being here. I'm sure I'll have a few flare-ups of anger, but right now I'm just tired. I crave the time off. So many times since I started here, I've wanted to call in for a week, stay in bed, read, watch movies. No stress. No sleeplessness over what I didn't get done. Times might be lean for a while, but I'm used to lean times, and I'll have peace of mind, which isn't always something that you can buy.

I'm not crazy, and I'm not going to be a lazy hermit. I am going to search for another job, in hopes of starting again in a new company, perhaps one that won't be so... political, for want of a better word. But I'm also going to take time for myself.


I am dogsitting for my friend Julia this weekend. The dog in question, Lenny, is a bit yappy, and my cat Floyd isn't happy. Lenny is cute though, such a tiny little dachshund, so I can't get too mad that he's barking in my cat's face (I'll make it up to you, Floyd, I promise!).

Lenny thinks he's on vacation, and he's having some fun with it, sniffing around the house, around the neighborhood. There are a ton of dogs in my neighborhood, so the trees and bushes where they pee are of special interest. I predict that we'll do a lot of walking this weekend, and I will hand a fully pooped-out Lenny back to Julia when she returns.


I was so excited to see Neko Case last night, but the event was canceled because of an impending thunderstorm... which never materialized. I was bummed, but I had dinner and some beers with my friends Donna and Jon, and then we took Lenny to visit Ami, Jon's girlfriend and my very good friend. She injured herself last week, so Lenny was a shameful ploy to cheer her up.

Apparently Neko Case is going to come back to Buffalo to make up the show, which makes me so happy! I love her music and would love to see her in concert.

The week after next is Chris Isaak, and before that, I am spending a LONG weekend with my family. I saw them so briefly last weekend, and I didn't see Izaak or Malachai at all, although Izaak kept calling and texting me. I'm going to spend my first unemployed weekend with my boys. Which I guess includes Lyra and Kailyne (I'm sorry, but for so long it was only boys, boys, boys!).


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